What is $MoonPirate?

$MoonPirate is the world's first deflationary governance token for crypto liquor. MoonPirate holders will soon be able to get discounts, vote on upcoming product releases & more.

What is $RUM?

$RUM is the soon-launching native token of the PirateSwap AMM. It will exist in tandem with $MoonPirate, allowing staking, pooling and offering mutual benefits for holders of both tokens.

How do I buy $MoonPirate or $RUM?

$MoonPirate is currently available for purchase on pirateswap.app and all decentralised Bsc swap platforms. As of June 2021, MoonPirate is also available on centralised exchanges for purchase.
A buying guide for trading on decentralised exchanges and Pirateswap is available at hub.moonpirate.finance/guides/how-to-buy.

When is the first batch of rum released?

Producing rum is no easy process. It takes a lot of love and attention. Fortunately, our founder is documenting much of the process alongside community updates on our medium page.